Monday, November 23, 2009


I went to Winco today ... Monday before Thanksgiving ... might not have been the wisest move. There were more people there than I had ever seen before. I marveled at the variety. There were old people, young people, people who looked like they had plenty of money, those who looked like they had much less, different ethnic backgrounds, but the one thing that everyone had in common was the ability to go up and down aisles filled with so much food ... and from the looks of it, buy what they needed and much of what they wanted. The abundance of our life is simply staggering.

It made me think of our child in Ethiopia. Since we are not asking for a baby, our child is alive right now .... somewhere ... If he/she is fortunate to be in the orphanage by now, then he probably will have food enough to fill his stomach tonight. If he or she is still living with their family, then they are probably living in desperate poverty ... and most likely will have known hunger and will continue to know it until they make it to the safety of the orphanage ... and ultimately our arms.

I am thankful for the abundance that we have been blessed with ... but sobered by the lack of so many.

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