Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Blind Side

I realize that I'm a little late to this party.  Knew from the first moment I saw the trailer for this movie that I would love it.  My oldest son wanted to see it so badly, and it has taken us this long to find a time when we could both go.  Took my 12 year old as well.  I could have done the ugly cry so many times throughout ... ok I did.  The reality of opening your heart to love someone .... someone so different with hurts that you can only imagine. Our adoption plans obviously made this so real.  Things that made me sob as I thought of our child in Ethiopia ... Michael saying he's never had a bed.  Stuffing food in his pockets at Thanksgiving.  Flashbacks of painful memories from his childhood.  LeeAnn's (the mom) conversation with Michael's birthmom.  Things that made me smile ... first Christmas photo and the family member calling and saying did you know you have a black child in your family picture? ... black and white skin reaching across the table to hold hands before praying for the meal ....  the true love and acceptance given this child.

Favorite line ... "You're changing that boy's life," spoken by a friend.  "No, he's changing mine."  says Mom.

Left me speechless ... and crying ...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Resolution

I really thought I would be a better blogger ... since I love reading blogs so much. I guess I just haven't made it a part of my routine. So my goal for the new year is going to be to blog at least once a week. Feel free to remind me if I drop the ball.

We had a wonderful Christmas as a family ... most likely our last as a family of 5. E. is very concerned about what we are going to do about our stockings next year. Our current stocking holders spell PEACE.  I assured him that him that we would either find stocking hangers that spell out a word with 6 letters or would get a whole new style. Gift-wise Christmas was a bit subdued given that we are making every effort to save for the adoption. We explained that to the kids, and they seem to understand and were very delighted with all that they received. However, I could tell my teenager was struggling a tiny bit with all of his friends who received an I-Touch for Christmas. We are so blessed to have all that we have, and preparing for the adoption gives us opportunities to remind each other of that fact.

In some ways I wish that we had chosen a gender and specific age for our newest family member. It would have made it fun to buy a Christmas gift for our child and it would make planning a bit easier at this point. We truly decided to leave it in God's hands because I can make a case for why a girl or a boy would be best for our family. I would rather not have to rely on my own reasoning. Should cut down on second guessing myself afterwards. :-)

I'll give an update on where we are at with the adoption in my next post.  Thanks to my friend, April, for helping me figure out how to post pictures.  I hope that you all had a blessed Christmas!