Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lemonade, Anyone?

A dear friend of mine from college, Debbie Kipps, called me this week-end to tell me a wonderful story ... about how her family responded to a fundraising appeal letter that we sent to friends and family last week. The letter was basically asking people to pray for us and to consider whether or not they could join us by giving money to help us bring our son home.  It was not an easy letter to write because we assume that most people like us ... live up to their means, and have very little left over each month.  However, as with so many things with this adoption, we stepped out in faith and waited to see what happen.  I will try to paraphrase Debbie's details and hope she will forgive me for any errors.  :-)   Debbie and her husband, John, have 3 boys whose ages range from 8-13.  She read our letter to them, and asked them to consider how their family might help bring this orphan home to his forever family.  They had family friend's visiting, Tiffany and Halle Parks, and together, they suggested that they could have a lemonade stand in a local park after school one day.  So they bought supplies and made signs and then set out for the park.  A friend of their 13 year old even came and heard what they were doing and decided to stay and help.  At some point, one of her neighbors joined in as well.  So they ended up with 8 kids and a complete stranger (to me, at least), working to raise money to help bring our son home.  And even stopping to tell people why they were doing this to anyone who would listen.  In Debbie's words, "Amy, I would have been thrilled if we'd made even $30 .... but we made $100!"  in one afternoon.  Tears streamed down my face as she shared this beautiful story ... And it made me wonder ... how many people were made aware of the needs of orphans through this stand? how did these young kids' perspective grow by working to help meet the needs of a young boy half way around the world?  And how did my faith grow to see that God can use even one small letter to change so many lives?   We are blessed beyond measure!


  1. That is such a beautiful gift to all of those involved and will be one of your little ones most cherished stories after you bring him home I'm sure. God IS still doing great things!!

    Thank you so much for sharing.