Thursday, July 1, 2010

Travel Dates!

In just 13 more days we will be on our way to

to meet and bring home this bundle of energy

In the mean time, my life looks a bit like this

but we are blessed in more ways than we can count.

Soon we will be six ... and we'll never be the same!  Let the adventure begin ....



  1. It's so very exciting! I pray your adventure is filled with blessings and the joy of the Lord's presence! You're gettin got the good stuff now ;-)

  2. Yay!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy to hear that your little man is finally coming home! What wonderful, amazing news. Looking forward to hearing all about your amazing journey to Ethiopia.

  3. Wow! Your family is beautiful and your new son adorable! I'm so glad I get to follow your journey to ET even if I am joining a bit late. :)
    Many blessings and much grace to you,
    Amy (Theresa's friend in CA) :)