Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Provision says it means, "something provided; a measure or other means for meeting a need."  We have had amazing stories through the past two years of God providing for our needs.  Two years ago in November, Dave was laid off from his long time job for a start-up company ... it was a company he had given his heart and soul to, and it was heartbreaking for him to be let go due to lack of funding.

The next 4 months were stressful, but through a number of circumstances, each of our daily needs were met.  In April of that year, Dave was offered a job as a contractor at Xerox, which was literally 7 minutes from our house.  We have loved having him close by, and while the job has been difficult in many ways, we know that it was a blessing and God's provision.  It is the job that enabled us to follow our dream of adopting another child. 

Due to internal Xerox rules, they are not able to renew his contract after 18 months  ...  and so today is his last day of work. 

We were talking to the kids and making sure that the older ones were not worrying about our finances, and my very wise 13 year old daughter said, "Why would we worry? We've already been through this, and it worked out just fine."  We are glad to know that the One who created us, knows and can supply for our every need.


  1. Isn't it thrilling when important life lessons have been observed and learned?! Joining you in prayer over the next chapter in your lives and the next important life lessons learned.

  2. Bless your sweet daughter, saying just the words you needed to hear. It must have thrilled your heart to see her faith played out with such wisdom. I'll be praying God increases all of your faith ten-fold as He does His next wondrous works in your lives ...

  3. I have loved seeing you trust, have faith and teach your kids how to have grace under pressure my friend...praying with you that this will be a short life-lesson this time around.