Saturday, January 8, 2011


Over the holidays, we finished our re-adoption of Kenenisa.  We considered waiting to have the formal court ceremony with the judge, but decided against it.  While I know it would have been cool to hear the judge say that he is our child as if born to us, I also know that it would have been very confusing for Kenen.  He already asks a thousand questions a day about the most mundane things.  Trying to explain the judge, courthouse, adoption, just seemed like opening up a new set of questions that he would not be able to comprehend.  Kind of like that moment in the movie The Blind Side when the boy says, "I thought I already was part of your family."  So we did it by mail, and received the Certificate of Adoption a couple of weeks ago ... then last week we received his new birth certificate from the state of Oregon ... and we are expecting his social security card any day now!  He was legally ours when the adoption was final in Ethiopia last June, but we had to go through a bit more paperwork so that he is recognized as a US citizen.  Our last step is to get his US passport ... not that we're planning on going anywhere.  This should take care of any issues he will ever have traveling, and will conclude every bit of paperwork needed to show that he is irrevocably an Elder, and will always be ours!

In other news, we also had our 6 month post-placement visit from our social worker.  We've really only been home a bit over 5 months, but the review just has to happen in the 6th month.  It was an encouraging visit, and our SW said that she saw great progress in every area, and that she was very pleased with how things were going for us, despite our continuing struggles.  There is something about hearing an "expert" say that we are doing well, that is helpful because there are still plenty of days when I feel like we still have so far to go ... which we do.

So on top of doing all of the normal holiday stuff, it feels great to have finished so many of these important things. 

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