Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musings

Inspired by another blogger trying out a Miscellaneous Monday post ... I thought I'd give it a try ...

Every year, I'm so excited when summer comes and the kids are out of school because my kids are easy to have around, and I like them. This year, I'm filled with anxiety of how I will productively fill the days with my new, very busy 4 year old, and balance the needs of my older kids as well.

My hair looks bad ... it's long, overgrown ... and it's my natural color ... which is not lovely. And I'm going to dinner tomorrow with some of "the beautiful people" who I don't know well. They will all have beautiful hair and clothes. Feeling insecure ... kind of like junior high and high school all over again.

My son is always making noise, of some sort. Sometimes happy, sometimes just screams for no apparent reason. My house used to be quiet.

My 9 year old had mild asthma when he was younger. Has been several years since he had an "attack". He started coughing this terrible barking cough on Saturday. Took me till last night, after he was asleep, to realize it was an asthma cough. Didn't sleep much ... kept worrying that he would die in his sleep. Happened to a neighbor's child a few months ago. Mom Fail.

My vacuum cleaner is 22 years old ... it has duct tape holding the hose on, and is missing a wheel. It probably spews as much dust back into the air, as it picks up from my carpet .. but my carpet "looks" cleaner on the rare occassion that I use it. I used it this week-end ... along with a little helper.

I'm a recovering scrapbook addict ... who is itching to start again ... maybe this week-end.

Have a great Monday!

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