Sunday, September 27, 2009


Each year, our church has a morning that they devote to helping raise awareness for the needs of orphans in our world. It is a day that for years has brought me to tears, as I realize how incredibly blessed my children are ... to not only have a loving, safe home ... but material wealth that is obscene in comparison to what so many in our world live with. My husband and I have left each year saying to ourselves ... some day, we should look into adopting another child.

Well, that day is here. In July, we applied and were accepted into the Ethiopian program at America World Adoption. We began working on our paperwork, in earnest, in August, and the current timeline looks like we will most likely travel to meet our newest child by next summer.

I am starting this blog to share our journey ...


  1. AMY!!! Oh my gosh - what AMAZING news! That totally made me cry... I'm so excited to follow this journey of love that your family has started... What a blessed child this will be. :)