Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Taking the Plunge

Even though I'm not Catholic, I've been fascinated for years with Lent and the true meaning of it. Read two great posts this morning that totally convicted me. Every year as Easter sneaks up on me, in the midst of my busy life, I find myself thinking ... shoot, I meant to focus a bit more on preparing for Easter and considering the sacrifice of my Savior.

So I'm going to observe Lent. (And yes, I realize that I'm a day late ... but I'm not terribly legalistic in any area of my life, so this is just me, being consistent.) Truth is if I think of all of the things that I could "give up" ... things that take my focus and time away from God ... things that would give me true pause, and would feel like a true sacrifice ... well, the list is rather long. Watching TV, reading blogs, snacking on unhealthy food ... just to name a few. But I've decided to follow the lead of my good friend, Laura, and give up Facebook. Yikes!

While I certainly don't spend hours on it, I pop on frequently throughout the day. It is my lifeline to the real world as I have been plunged back into the stay-at-home mom world these past 7 months. It is the way I keep up with people whose lives exist outside of my home, and I have told myself that I need it.

But if I'm completely honest with myself ... there are moments when I escape the difficult times with my child, by popping on Facebook ... to see if someone has said something thought provoking or funny .... there are times when I am frustrated with his desire to play with me, when I'd rather be on the computer, checking in with my friends. And it is my habit to run to the computer to check what has happened any time I've been gone for several hours.  All of this will be difficult to give up, but I will also think about what a ridiculously small sacrifice this is each time I sit down at the computer ... when compared to the ultimate sacrifice that was made on the cross.

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  1. May your sacrifice find that you move closer to the heart of God!