Thursday, March 24, 2011


My sister and her family moved to Houston last year, after living about 10 minutes from us for the past 5 years. This left a huge void in our lives .... that was quickly filled by our newest family member. We have missed them terribly, but I, at least, have been busy enough with Kenen to not really be able to dwell on their absence.

Thanks to my generous dad, Jill and her kids were able to come out to visit last week ... and my dad came too. So we had 11 people sleeping under one roof, and a lot of food being made, and a lot of dishes being done, a lot of Wii and Angry Birds being played ... and I'm pretty sure a lot of fun being had. (Though not a lot of pictures being taken.)

It was such a joy to see Ethan with his very best friend, Grace. They both did a great job including Kenen and played with him a lot. I know for this season in their lives, they are supposed to be in Texas, but I also know there are lots of prayers being said, that they will one day return home to Oregon.

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