Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter and Catching Up...

So I gave up Facebook for Lent ... kind of a spur of the moment thing since I'm not Catholic ... but I loved the idea of sacrificing something to keep me mindful of the sacrifice made by my Savior. I started late ... and had to get on a few times to connect with people who I had no email for ... but overall, it was effective on the sacrifice level. But it was extremely hard as I realized that, first of all ... 40 days is a long time ... and second, I .... and most of my friends ... use Facebook as our primary means of connection. So I felt disconnected and lonely quite a bit.

That said ... I'm grateful ... for Easter ... for the hope that the resurrection of my Savior gives me.

Here's few of the things that happened during the past 40 days ...

* 15 year old started his first Track & Field season. He loves it ... from my point of view having one more thing on our schedule is exhausting.
* My dad and my sister and her 3 kids visited over their Spring Break. There are not words for how completely delightful it was to have them all here. It was a surprise for Ethan ... don't think he stopped smiling all week.
* We had a laid back Spring Break ... only outing was to OMSI as a family.
* Celebrated David's 47th birthday.
* Took Kristen for her first orthodontist appt.
*  Visited our adoption attachment therapist ... received a somewhat discouraging diagnosis ... but that's for another post.
* Went to an amazing Chris Tomlin concert thanks to my friend, Jilly.
* Resumed Kenen's swimming lessons after a 6 week break.
* Attended an inspiring Embrace Compassion meeting ... so great to see all the work that is happening in Ethiopia.
* Passed our one year "referral-versary" ... which in adoption speak simply means it was a year ago that we saw Kenenisa's picture for the first time. Hard to believe ....

And a few pictures to go along with the happenings ...

Riding his friend, Cassidy's bike

Easter 2011

Coloring eggs

First Easter Basket

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  1. Glad to get caught up on your happenings! I'm interested to hear what the therapist said. My friend went to the Empowered to Connect conference and brought home TONS of amazing information!! We've been using her program and we've seen leaps and bounds in Bereket... we had hit a really rough patch and it has been amazing how God has worked through this.
    Praying for you!!